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Viewed through the Microsoft SQL Server Query Analyzer, the result set looks like Figure 1.You can immediately see how much redundant data the result set contains.It is based on the old faithful SQL JOIN command and returns a single, monolithic data structure that is quite easy to filter, but hard to update.In addition, the final result set is populated with redundant data.

After a decade of Web development, Dino jumped on the mobile bandwagon and is actively developing for i Os, Android and WP7. When inter-related tables are involved with the process of query and update, code strategies are important to preserve scalability and maintain high performance. fetch data across different tables, join columns, and filter data based on some user-specific criteria.

Sometimes compound queries can be more effectively accomplished splitting queries; sometimes not. Data-driven applications must also format data in such a way that end-users can easily and pleasantly consume it.

Submitting changes in batch mode, exploiting the Data Set and its disconnected model, often appears as the perfect solution. The serialization mechanism of the Data Set would increase that by a factor. More often than not, data is made of cross-related tables in which parent/child relationships are in place to define the data model and to extract a specific subset of information like detail views and subtotals. NET provides you with the tools to configure the runtime environment so that changes can automatically be cascaded from parent to child rows.

Ideally, client applications should submit changes that respect the database structure and its internal update rules (for example, relationships and constraints). NET has a strong and powerful disconnected model that allows applications to work with sort of in-memory databases.

The Data Set object governs the storage of multiple tables and it enables filtering, sorting, constraints, and cascading changes.

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