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Merrick, whose slight frame precluded success in a physical arena, became the “commissioner” and worked to develop the backstories of the characters. This dichotomy gives the typical DWO show a surreal quality.

Almost all of these guys have day jobs and none of them are famous outside the circuit of independent leagues.

* * * fter one more crushing throw from the ropes, Gallegos, lying in a collapsed pile on the ground, submits to Hobo Hank. They’re listening to Matthew Roblez, 46, a sleazy attorney/talent manager, and DWO’s “director of competition.” He is also Hobo Hank’s nemesis.

The referee holds up Hank’s hand and the crowd cheers. Roblez slithers into the ring and hisses into his mike: “Hobo Hank is automatically disqualified! ” The crowd erupts into booing; Hank’s stoic facade is cracked as he shouts into Roblez’s face.

The blood is bad between these two archetypes, the duplicitous lawyer and the perpetually down-on-his-luck hobo.

Despite the boos, the ref gives in to Roblez’s cajoling and lifts the right hand of the still prone Gallegos.

Gallegos comes up against the metal barrier separating the competition area from the seats and Hank is on him, grabbing his head and forcing his face into his greasy armpit.

The night after his first session, as he lay in bed, muscles screaming in agony, he seriously considered not going back. Luna and Baca once again did their best to push him past his limits.

Hobo Hank exemplifies this duality in a peculiar way.

Unlike many of the babyface wrestlers, he is no oiled-up goliath in a flashy costume.

The crowd is loving it, riled up by Gallegos’ earlier proclamation that “I’m the guy who’s going to beat your hero!

” Hobo Hank is the city’s favorite “babyface” – a wrestling term for “good guy.” He’s a down-on-his-luck everyman who doesn’t always fight clean, but always fights for what’s right.

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But an event attendee would never guess that by the way the wrestlers carry themselves in the ring.

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