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Fort Pitt is notable as the site of an early use of smallpox for biological warfare.

Lord Jeffrey Amherst ordered blankets contaminated from smallpox victims to be distributed in 1763 to the tribes surrounding the fort.

During 1753–54, the British hastily built Fort Prince George before a larger French force drove them off.

The French built Fort Duquesne based on La Salle's 1669 claims.

Pittsburgh became a possession of Pennsylvania in 1785.

The following year, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette was started, and in 1787, the Pittsburgh Academy was chartered.

European pioneers, primarily Dutch, followed in the early 18th century.

Michael Bezallion was the first to describe the forks of the Ohio in a 1717 manuscript, and later that year European fur traders established area posts and settlements.

By 1815, Pittsburgh was producing significant quantities of iron, brass, tin, and glass.The nation's eighth-largest bank, eight Fortune 500 companies, and six of the top 300 U. law firms make their global headquarters in the Pittsburgh area, while RAND, BNY Mellon, Nova, Fed Ex, Bayer and NIOSH have regional bases that helped Pittsburgh become the sixth-best area for U. The error was repeated commonly enough throughout the rest of the 19th century that the original pronunciation was lost and in 1890 the "h" was removed in order to make it easier to spell.After a public campaign the original spelling was officially restored by the United States Board on Geographic Names in 1911.On April 16, 1771, the city's first civilian local government was created as Pitt Township.Following the American Revolution, the village of Pittsburgh continued to grow.

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