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This year, the group broke from their usual pop stylings to release the second part of an instrumental series called Movements.Originally released on cassette, the project could be the soundtrack to a cheesy horror movie or a goth video game — it’s full of dramatic synths rising over drones and unsettling, echoing rattles.The Footlight, located off the De Kalb L stop on the border of Ridgewood and Brooklyn, is a perfectly cozy place to celebrate the last week before Christmas with friends. Since then, every few years the Studio Museum in Harlem has held a series of influential exhibitions that are specifically intended to bring a fresh crop of noteworthy Black American artists to the attention of a broad audience.Ramone will play selections from her lo-fi holiday covers album, Christmas in Reno. An alliterative conceit binds together what have become known as the “F shows”: “Frequency” in 2005, “Flow” in 2008, “Fore” in 2012.They’ll play here with Public Memory, a local producer who finds his inspiration in similarly murky, textural realms.—Head to Secret Project Robot this Wednesday for a night of left-field music from some of New York’s strangest talents.In the past, Niblock’s looping images have often documented work: shoe-making, butchering, logging, carpentry, and so on.Whatever minimal tension arises derives from the contradiction inherent in soaking leisurely in a warm sonic bath while contemplating the labor of others.

The focus on glitz and glamour of Europe soon morphed into the historical epics on the order of Ben-Hur, complete with gargantuan sets and even bigger personalities, but the genre was later almost entirely sunk by the colossus Cleopatra with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.The film’s style — a home-movie deluge of jittery impatience, imitating the sensation of one’s mind grabbing at memories as they drift away — coupled with his diaristic musings, gives the feeling of a movie being reinvented every few frames.(Fans of looks at an America in the throes of upheaval.Today, it feels like a monumental film, one that expertly captures the surreal chaos of America in the 1960s with scenes of revolutionary meetings, police crackdowns, Death Valley orgies, and that sublime, unforgettable climax — in which the eye-popping detonation of an elegant mountain home is replayed and replayed and eventually replaced by the slow-motion explosion of all sorts of material goods, from refrigerators to clothing racks to TVs to books.There’s something primordial about The first of two stand-out shows during Ches Smith’s Stone residency (December 19–23) features the drummer-percussionist’s understatedly intense trio with Craig Taborn (piano) and Mat Maneri (viola), who joined him last year on for the (understatedly intense) ECM label.

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