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The Playboy model, 24, oozes sex appeal in the saucy snaps which sees her flashing her busty assets, toned tummy and pert derriere.

In one snap, the blonde bombshell flashed the camera a smouldering glance as she exhibits her ample assets in the halterneck bikini top - which boasts a keyhole neckline.

“’There are some 5,000 homosexuals in the District of Columbia,’ he testified, ‘and 3,750 of them work for the government.’” Of particular interest were people of influence – wayward lawyers and politicians, judges and businessmen – and their families.

Male and female prostitutes and their clients were also targeted, and the results shared with both the FBI and the Security Research Staff at the CIA.

is the biography of a “Confidential Informant” named Robert Merritt, as told to one of the lawyers for the Watergate burglars.

It is not a very good book, or even a very reliable one. Among other things, Merritt claims to have tipped off the police in advance of the June 17th Watergate break-in, to have participated with police and Pentagon agents in the drugging, kidnapping and blackmailing of a senior CIA lawyer, while also having a hand in the poisoning of antiwar demonstrators.

He toiled at it for two before he found what became his life’s calling.

All of which combined to make Robert Merritt something of a find.*** , with the young Merritt leaving an unhappy home in West Virginia, only to wash up at a Trailways bus station in the nation’s capital.A good-looking kid with few, if any, moral inhibitions, it was apparently only a matter of minutes before he concluded a sex-for-hospitality arrangement with an employee at the bus station.A gay street kid with long hair and very little “hold-back,” he could be relied upon to help Shoffler and his colleagues “infiltrate, expose, disrupt and discredit” dissident groups and their leaders.That was the mandate of secret government undertakings to which Shoffler and his cohort were a party – illegal operations like the COINTEL program and the CIA’s Operation CHAOS.

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