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Therefore, any arrears that accrued due to non-payment of child support after the loss of a job but before the modification action was filed will remain due and owing.

However, there is one exception to the general rule that child support cannot be modified retroactively.

What constitutes a substantial change in circumstances includes but is not limited to, the loss of a job, the termination of the child's attendance at daycare, the disability of a parent, an increase in the costs of health insurance or daycare, or a substantial increase or decrease (15% or greater) in either parent's income.This can frequently be proven where the parents entered into an oral agreement reducing the obligor parent's child support obligation or exchanging items such as a vehicle or payment of certain expenses for the child in lieu of payment of child support.Frequently Asked Questions The statutory formula used for establishing child support, and the Courts do not generally take into consideration the parent's bills in calculating the amount of child support to be paid.If the parent with less time has at least 73 overnights each year, then the amount of time-sharing will be included in the calculation of child support and will force an adjustment to the child support obligation.This reduction in child support is based upon the consideration that both parents will need to provide food, clothing and shelter for the child or children while they are in that parent's care.

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