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The design was multi- functional with a unique and elaborate buttoning system that protected not only the wearer's body, but also his legs with 2 large wrap around tail skirts.

It was considered quite stylish and therefor very popular among all the troops, including non-motorcycle personnel who wore the coat despite regulations.

The consignor purchased this 1938 pattern EM's Service Tunic from the capturing vet's estate along with the EM/NCO Visor Cap HC153 and the M40 Single Decal Helmet HC156 listed on my Headgear page.

I considered listing all 3 articles together since they belonged to the same Luft vet, but I decided to list them separately knowing few collectors can afford the entire grouping.

This Luftwaffe field blouse or "Tarnjacke" is a 3/4 length outer garment simply constructed from a water proofed cotton duck material printed in the LW "Splinter B" pattern (Splittermuster 41) camouflage in shades of green, khaki, olive, brown, and tan.

All 5 pebbled zinc buttons are still intact with a non adjustable belt across the back and 2 large flapless pockets on the front.

BALSF38" with the dimensions "42 45 98 71 63" underneath.

A second stamp further down on the internal breast pocket looks to be the same as the one above, with "Fl.

With these 22 new field divisions came the need for inexpensive and easily manufactured camouflage clothing.

Schl." (Flieger Schule) clearly stamped below in large text.

The Schirmmtze (visor cap) that was purchased with this tunic is stamped "Fliegerschule Magdeburg".

The fabric used for the collar was changed several times as well, going from field gray wool to cotton, then back to wool again in 1940.

The only insignia used on the original design was a single strip of collar tress for NCO's, and dual strips of tress for Officer's.

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Contact me if you'd like to purchase more than one item from this grouping and I'll give you a discount.

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