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Others, legendary for their vocal opponents even before the turbines commenced, are hotbeds of disease claims.

So if turbines were intrinsically noxious, why do they cut such a selective disease path?

In 35 years in public health I have never encountered anything remotely as apocalyptic.

I visited wind farms and compared their gentle swoosh to the noises that all city dwellers live with daily.

Sleep problems are most mentioned, but a third of the population suffers from insomnia, so no surprises there. Tell that the Tasmanian poultry farmer who has a turbine on site.

Farms with years of community acceptance can erupt with complaints when anti-wind activists arrive in town, spreading alarm and rolling out their laundry list of common health problems they insist are caused by turbines.An incredulous European wind industry sees the phenomenon as largely Anglophone, and even then it seems to only occur in particular regions and around certain farms and involve a small fraction of residents.Many wind farms have operated for years and never received a single complaint.Health complaints are rare among turbine hosts and from those financially benefiting from communal ownership arrangements.In Australia, depending upon the energy generated, a turbine can earn a host between ,000 and ,000 a year.

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