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Mineralized intervals have been found for more than a 5 km strike length of the host structure, and from surface to a depth of 1.5 kms.

Four stages of sulfide formation have been detected at Suurikuusikko.

Suurikuusikko is a gold deposit in central Finnish Lapland which had a premining gold endowment of 7.9 million ounces.

The deposit is hosted by tholeiitic mafic volcanic rocks of the ∼2.02 Ga Kittilä group of the Central Lapland Greenstone Belt (CLGB).

Especially in its early seasons, it’s a hard show to turn away from.

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Suurikuusikko has nearly all features typical for an orogenic gold deposit.

The host rock sequence is deformed by the subvertical to steeply east-dipping Kiistala shear zone.

Around twenty prehistoric sites of the very early Palaeolithic were discovered on the northern edge of the Massif Central, in the Creuse Valley between Crozant and the Paris Basin, and on the Aigurande crystalline plateau that borders it.

Concentrated more particularly around Eguzon, the sites are all closely linked to fluviatile formations, whose study, despite difficult exploration conditions, revealed many remnants of alluvial deposits.

Numerous ore lenses are distributed along and within this north- to north-northeast-trending structure.

Individual ore lenses have experienced multiple phases of deformation and generally have a moderate northerly plunge.

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