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Dak Prescott converted a fourth-down sneak by the width of an index card to set up Dan Bailey's go-ahead 19-yard field goal, and Derek Carr fumbled the ball inches from the goal line with 31 seconds left to give the Cowboys a 20-17 victory over the Oakland Raiders on Sunday night.Tubing is one thing and old fashioned sledding is the anxiety was really bad but now i just find it hard to concentrate and feel totally confused Thanks I'm glad I'm not the only one.I've felt a bit tired and peaky the last few days so automatically assuming I've got swine flu? Then I've felt a bit laggy in looking on dating sites normally I check more so because I've become fussy I keep getting negative thoughts.The HOCD drives me bonkers like the last few weeks I found a woman who was too clingy and this chased me off so my OCD has been like "what If I feel that way about everybody".had other problems like lack of money so there's been a few ok'ish woman I've spoke to on dating sites which have also been annoying. That's another fear I'll never meet the right one but it's been ages since I've found someone I click with.I feel sick, repulsed, horrible, yucking, tired emotionally battling these negative OCD thoughts keep worrying I'll get swine flu, depression, worry I'll never find a new job. I question every action and I'm battling OCD with colours can't buy certain things and it's driving me a long battle it hard to feel positive but we have to try you will get through this i have before had it 3 yrs ago and after a yr i was totally free of it, come off my drugs it came back.

It's really difficult but I notice when I post it makes it worse so it's maybe making the mistake of letting my mind think about it.I never knew this and thought that once the anxiety had like passed some how after so long with OCD you get to like it or do it but it's just a new wave of OCD doubt? This is basically why every time I feel better, the spike comes and shoots me down.. I think and hope i have HOCD, i do enough obsessing about it. I have been struggling on the dating market for months and looking for new jobs.Whenever i have little anxiety for a short while or realise ive gone a whole 60 seconds without thinking about it i get hit with 'what the hell? ' Also when i see men and dont get anxious, i think 'i didnt get anxious, did i really like that? I feel I can't be bothered the last few days so I'm worried crap less I'll be unsuccessful and not find an ideal woman. I want to find a nice g.f and I guess my non anxiety says I just go through phrases of trying harder than other times.I know all these thoughts mean nothing but I'm struggling.I'm finding it hard to make any ground in life at the moment in finding new jobs. I feel i can't cope with it I mean why this anxiety?

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It's awful I feel like I'll faint or have to run out the situation.

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