Kim real housewives atlanta dating who is lamman rucker dating

They seem to be beyond happy with each other." Real Housewives of New York husband Simon van Kempen basically dropped the news last week to Us, telling the mag, "The rumor is that Kim Zolciak will come out this season." Meanwhile, Kim tweeted two things.

According to one tweet, her date Saturday night was her daughter Brielle, 13.

Her wedding to her husband Peter is shown on the series.

She has a daughter and enjoys spending time with Nene. She is also an attorney and has become a funeral director as well.

She famously holds a fashion show with no fashion and only has sketches of her designs.

According to law enforcement, Najjar has since been released from custody.She married one of her clients named Apollo and the two had a child together named Ayden whose birth was filmed for the series. She throws an over the top first birthday party for her son in which she has 12 cakes.There are 12 because they are for each month that he has been alive.The show follows the daily lives of the housewives and their interactions with each other.At the beginning of the series, Nene and Kim are best friends who have a lot of fun together.

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She loves to throw parties and dress up in jewels and have a good time.

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