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Others are precise about the justifications for intervention.But there is a risk that lists including genocide, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity might also exclude other legitimate causes.He was a member of the Cabinet Office consultative group for the 2010 Strategic Defence and Security Review and of the Defence Secretary's Advisory Forum for the 2010 Defence Green Paper.He was a Special Adviser to Foreign Secretaries Jack Straw MP and Margaret Beckett MP.RUSI consistently brings vital policy issues to both domestic and global audiences, enhancing its growing reputation as a ‘thought-leader institute’, winning The international community has too often been paralysed in the face of an avoidable humanitarian crisis by the lack of an agreed ethical framework for intervention. If further crises are to be avoided, we need to address the objections to humanitarian intervention.'Humanitarian intervention' can be defined as the use of military force by a state or a group of states in a foreign territory without its consent in order to prevent or stop grave and widespread violations of the fundamental human rights of its citizens.In its 2005 report, the International Commission of Inquiry on Darfur concluded that “no genocidal policy has been pursued and implemented in Darfur by the Government authorities”.

Can intervention in sovereign states in pursuit of humanitarian objectives ever be considered legitimate and, if so, in what circumstances?There are few issues which provoke such passionate dispute as the case for and against humanitarian intervention in failed or failing states.Western powers have intervened in Iraq and Afghanistan but not in Rwanda or Darfur, in Kosovo and Sierra Leone but not in Zimbabwe or Burma, in Libya but not in Syria.Not only, despite several attempts to achieve one, have the members of the United Nations failed to build a lasting consensus on the circumstances in which it is right to intervene to protect human life, but even when the case for intervention appears unanswerable, they have been unable to agree on who should intervene and how.The arguments about whether intervention is a form of imperialism or opportunism or whether, even with the best intentions, it creates worse problems than it is likely to solve cross ideological divides.

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How can the motives of those proposing intervention be assessed, monitored and policed?

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