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He finally returned home in 2000 on a college break and decided not to return to school.It soon became obvious that he resented his father hooking up with Marlena mere months after his mother's death, and also resented Marlena's attitude towards him.He even called her 'Mom' a few times, but it wasn't long before his real mother came back into his life.

Chloe left Salem once again to further her career, and Brady turned his back on Nicole.He became suspicious of Nicole when he started to think that Chloe might be alive, and when he realized she was, he blamed Nicole for Chloe's 'death', even though Chloe insisted that it was all her idea.Brady turned his back on Nicole completely and began to work on convincing Chloe that they could indeed have a life together, despite her scars.He even began trying to help her find a doctor could remove her scars.The surgery was ultimately successful, and when Chloe raised her veil on her wedding day, her face was back to what it had been before.

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More than once Marlena has shown that even though she raised him from an infant, he was never as important to her as her biological daughter, Belle.

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  1. So if it’s not someone you want to marry, break up and move on as soon as possible.” Here is a sequence of comments from a recent conversation on the subject of dating with a group of friends: I have several non-LDS friends who are my age and have either never had a boyfriend or have gone through decade-long dry spells.