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3) In settings like middle school and high school, concerns about reputation and popularity create stress about conforming to peer pressure.If the abuser is well respected by peers, the victim may feel isolated and believe that others won’t support or believe him/her.Romanticized views of love and sacrifice may cause them to confuse extreme jealousy with love.2) A desire to assert independence from parents may cause some teens to keep their victimization secret.Many of the warning signs of dating violence amongst teens are similar to those that occur in interpersonal violence amongst adults.As is the case with any sort of domestic violence, the most important thing to remember is that not all forms of violence are physical.Prevention efforts include Teen Domestic Violence Seminars in which individuals can learn more about the dynamics and warning signs of teen dating violence, as well as the resources available to those in need.If you, your child, or any other loved one is experiencing teen dating violence, please call KFAM’s hotline at 888-979-3800 to seek support.

Finally, rates of teen dating abuse appear to be similar in both heterosexual and homosexual relationships[v].The Santa Clara County-based organization Asian Women’s Home has identified some of these challenges ( The following list includes but is by no means exhaustive of these challenges: 1) A lack of prior experience with healthy dating relationships may cause some teens to interpret abusive acts as a normal part of a loving relationship.The statistics surrounding the prevalence of teen dating violence are shocking.Domestic and sexual violence amongst teens is more prevalent than it is in the general population.

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