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Common Sky faults like the Digibox box locking up, a frozen picture, missing Sky channels and on screen error messages like "there is a technical fault, please try later" can often be cured by disconnecting the Sky Digibox power cable (240V mains lead) for 20 seconds and then replacing the power.

Where problems persist, a faulty LNB on the dish or a receiver fault are the other most likely causes, although it is also worth checking Sky signal quality first.

11) The receiver will take a few minutes "Searching For Listings".

10) Switch receiver out of standby (green LED illuminates).

8) After about 10 minutes the receiver will return to "standby" (i.e.. 9) Leave the receiver in standby for 1 minute as it carries out a self check.

If the TV is switched to Sky a message will also appear on screen.. 7) Only after the four lights illuminate and the message appears should you release the back-up button.

If in doubt, try borrowing a Sky box from a friend and connect it to the suspect Sky dish, to check whether that is at fault.

A software download (update) resets the software in your Sky box to the latest stable version - a bit like reinstalling a program or operating system on your computer to resolve a glitch.If you're undertaking a new Sky dish installation, mount the supplied minidish bracket onto a solid wall facing south east with a clear unobstructed view of the satellite.Always use heavy duty wall plugs as any dish movement may cause signal fluctuation and Sky reception problems. Ideally the best time of the day to do this is first thing in the morning - when signals strengths are the best, and you are able to receive the 11778 main default transponder frequency, as this is the frequency where the software updates are located. (red light mode) 2) Disconnect the power to the receiver 3) Locate the button on the front of the Receiver, named "Back Up". 6) About 20 seconds after reconnecting power, all four coloured lights will illuminate on the front of the receiver. You may have to perform a manual Sky digibox system software update if your Sky digibox has not been powered on or getting a signal from the satellite for about 6 months. 5) WHILE HOLDING IT DOWN, reconnect the power to the receiver (do not release the back-up button yet).

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