Two employees dating

Schuh died two years ago but his estate continued to operate the Elmwood Avenue plant.

Earlier this year, Klodzinski and Schurr began putting together their buyout plan.

Another reality is that romantic relationships of this type are often bad for employee morale.

It can be very unfair, which is why there are work policies against it.2 fuel oil, which allows us to use different alloys," Klodzinski said.If you think this topic's been covered to death, here's a headline: it's never been covered like this. Here are the gory details: To the best of my knowledge, all four couples are still together, reasonably happy, and yes, wealthy. I actually knew two managers who, as best friends working for a relatively large, public company, dumped both their wives for their administrative assistants -- at exactly the same time.At the time, the company had a policy banning relationships between supervisors and subordinates.The upper-level manager ordered the supervisor to stop dating the employee or be fired, using company policy and the complaints as the reason for the order. He sued, saying the company was violating his right to privacy by trying to monitor his relationships. Why: While recognizing the employee’s right to privacy, especially outside the workplace, the court noted the company had a right to set policies and regulate behavior that might affect the efficient operation of business.

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